I have a friend…

If you suspect your friend is suffering from domestic abuse:

It’s not easy to know how to support a friend or someone you know who is experiencing domestic violence, but there are things you can do to help. If your friend is experiencing domestic violence she may be feeling very alone and isolated. She might feel there is no help available. This is why it’s so important for you to speak out and offer your support. There are simple ways to help your friend to stay safe.

  • Offer to keep a spare set of keys, important documents and some cash, in case she needs to leave in a hurry.
  • Provide her with information about local specialist domestic violence support.
  • Agree a code word you can use if she is in serious danger and needs you to call the Police.
  • Don’t judge her.
  • Be understanding
  • Avoid criticising her partner.
  • Don’t tell her to leave.
  • Don’t give up on her if she goes back.
  • Don’t try to be the expert.
  • Avoid giving orders.